Perth, Australia is often referred to as the most remote city in the world. So what’s a band from Perth to do if they want to be heard? If you’re Roses for Ghosts, you play a little bit louder, rock a little harder, and rap a little bit more furiously than anything anyone in the Southern hemisphere has ever heard. The four piece musical tsunami regularly deliver a perfect slice of fist-pumping ear candy that ensures their voices will be heard loud and clear across the globe. With their brand new video, “Beauty’s Sweetest Dress,” they emerge from a crowded music scene as a band that demands to be heard.

In the new “Beauty’s Sweetest Dress” video, the boys of Roses for Ghosts use a Little Red Riding Hood inspired video to tell a tale of mixed emotions. On the surface the video is a lighthearted tale of a big bad wolf kidnapping the unsuspecting beauty, humorously portrayed by lead singer Stevie Rain. After only escaping the clutches of the wolf (along with another captive) thanks to a magical wizard and a pot of steamed ham, this video has a playful vibe and a happy ending.