Lee Williams – ‘Crank Up the Rock n Roll’


“Crank Up the Rock n Roll” shows off the undeniable chops that Lee Williams possesses in spades. Downright physical in its approach the song has a raw, live feeling to it. Adhering to the song’s message to crank it up is in fact the best way to experience it for this is a song that needs to be felt as much as heard. The riffs are aplenty throughout the track as the incredible solos and shredding dominate throughout giving the song a true sense of freedom. Over the course of the song Lee Williams lets the vocals develop a defiant tone that seems to truly define the piece, as their distinctive delivery makes them the center of the piece.


Wasting no time at time Lee Williams dives right into the groove of things. The deft skill is immediately apparent as the many layers of sound interact ever so effortlessly to create a vast, inviting swirl of sound. Catchy to its very core, the song lingers in the mind long after it is over. Everything comes together ever so wonderfully as the way the song feels balanced is downright delightful. Vocals are half-sung, half-shouted, helping to reinforce the sense of urgency of the piece as it grows in intensity. For the finale stretch of the piece Lee Williams and his band once more repeat their mantra in an almost psychedelic approach.

Delivered with true heart and soul, Lee Williams shows off a deep thorough understanding of classic rock on “Crank Up the Rock n Roll”.


By Beach Sloth