Michael Resin – ‘Praying For a Miracle’


Michael Resin’s “Praying For a Miracle” is a dark brooding and oftentimes beautiful album. Softly sung narratives permeate the album as they have a compelling sense of tragedy that ties them together. Quite stylish in nature Michael Resin draws from a vast variety of genres from synthpop to hard rock all nicely anchored with a strong fondness for industrial’s stately rhythms. By incorporating industrial’s fondness for gray starkness these atmospheres come to nicely frame the stories that emerge out of the songs: one of loss, longing, hopelessness, and a desire for something more, something better.

The album starts off strong with the powerful performance of “World Is Mine”. With a strong attention to detail the lyrics incorporate a great deal of wordplay throughout, at times playful at times rather defiant in nature. Classically orientated is the sweeping scope of “Vicious Minds Project”. Struck with a sense of true tragedy lead by a mournful piano, the song explores loss to a dazzling degree. Infectious grooves are embedded deep within the oddly inviting work of “Gates Of Hell”. Opting for a more dance-friendly mode is the gliding melody and otherworldly approach of “New Romance”. By far the highlight and heart of the album is the lovely “Nothing Is Forever”. Rather hopeful “Praying For A Miracle” shows the degree of which optimism can try to carry people across trying times. Stripping away the electronics is the raw acoustic version of “Vicious Minds Project”.

Emotions run wild on Michael Resin’s emotional and introspective “Praying For a Miracle”.


By Beach Sloth