Joett – ‘Got U On My Mind’


Sung with the utmost of passion, Joett’s “Got U On My Mind” is a tender beautiful love ballad. By keeping the sound to the absolute essentials the song has an intimate, welcoming nature to it. The guitar work in particular is rather lovely as the nimble strumming and finger-picking works wonders in giving the entirety of the piece a crisp refreshing feeling. Lyrically the song has a highly articulate, poetic quality to it as it manages to tie together a wide variety of hopes and dreams with a sense of devotion. Easily the highlight of the song are the expressive, emotive vocals which serve as the heart of the piece.

Upon opening with careful woven guitar work, the vocals fall into place. A loose rhythm forms as Joett lets the song explore melody and the groove simultaneously. Resembling a fine troubadour, the song grows in strength and power with each additional reiteration. The attention to detail is rather gorgeous as the piece plays with a variety of delivery styles, incorporating elements of folk, jazz, even country into the satisfying swirl of sounds. Dreamy in nature the song explores all of the yearning that can define a person. This style reaches a wonderful fevered pitch towards its finale when everything is let loose, showing off the undeniable strong vocals.

Joett’s “Got U On My Mind” lingers in the mind long after it is over, a testament to its universal relatable message.

By Beach Sloth