White Horses – ‘Angelina’


On “Angelina” White Horses offers a rollicking take on the traditional love ballad. Full of life this tenderness is a celebratory kind of love. Rather gorgeous in execution White Horses goes for a large, cinematic at times kind of sound. Throughout the track the attention to detail is profound from the western twang of the guitars to the glistening organ work. Layer upon layer of sound interact in a beautiful kaleidoscope daze of color. A narrative begins to form over the course of the song one that emphasizes how hope for a relationship can result into a fully realized all engrossing whirlwind of romance. White Horse paints this course with relatively subtle hues, showing exactly how difficult it can be to realize when a relationship has truly blossomed.


Diving right into the thick of it the groove gets started immediately. A laid back, leisurely tempo takes hold as the lyrics serve as full and center of the track. The way the song builds up in strength is quite admirable. Nothing holds back as the song’s expressiveness builds up, becoming ever larger and more engrossing. Translation of hope into reality feels particularly satisfying as the song begins on a relatively lonesome note before it delves into the celebratory spirit that so many relationships can provide. Organ becomes ever more expressive as the entire song opts for a communal spirit of sorts.

White Horses taps into a classic rock sound with its warming and welcoming “Angelina”.


By Beach Sloth