Pat G – ‘The In Between EP’


Pat G’s “The In Between EP” shows off a forceful flow and luxurious usage of stylish samples. Beats hit hard and the bass is downright perfect in its delivery. Lyrics are highly articulate in nature as they reveal a poetic sensibility. Grooves are infectious as Pat G reveals great taste and attention in how he carefully creates vast seas of sound. Layer upon layer of samples work wonderfully as they feel positively giddy in their playfulness.

“The In Between” starts things off wonderfully with a delightful flow of food-related phrasing as the song revels in child-like delight. Humorously delivered yet with a nostalgic ode the song is downright gorgeous. With “100” Pat G goes for a mellowed out vibe to take hold. Atmospheric in nature at first the nimble percussion comes in strong resulting in a powerful burst of energy. Over the course of the song Pat G proves his deft skill at creating a soulful, neon-hued arrangement one that at times recalls Flying Lotus’s clever arrangements. Easily the highlight of the collection is the hyperactivity of “Where Will I Go”. Many patterns interact creating an ornate arrangement. Delicately balanced its bass lines are absolutely outstanding, as the many samples weave their way in and out of the mix. Melodically rich the song reveals an almost origami-inspired sort of style. Closing the collection off on a high note is the introspective “Death And Change”.

On “The In Between EP” Pat G effortlessly blends elements of rap, hip hop, and electro into a satisfying whole.

By Beach Sloth