One Man Rock Band – “Basket Of Deplorables”


One Man Rock Band’s “Basket Of Deplorables” captures a raw visceral sense of power. Deserving to be blasted as loud as possible, the song’s defiance works wonders. By far the heart and soul of the track rests with the commanding, shouted lyrics that rise above the rollicking hard-hitting rhythms Throughout the track it is the attention to the carefully crafted lyrics that really drive the song giving it a true feeling of authenticity. Slowly but surely One Man Rock Band lets the song unfurl growing ever more all-encompassing. At times the song taps into the best of classic rock’s sense of rebellion.


Wasting no time in setting the mood, One Man Rock Band starts with a singular sampled quote. From this spark comes the rest of the track, as the song focuses on those who have been unfairly marginalized with a singular, dismissive statement. One Man Rock Band uses the song to identify exactly what could have been responsible for such an out of touch, tone-deaf kind of response. Guitar riffs adorn the song and One Man Rock Band effortlessly merges this with the untamed rhythms. Flourishes appear throughout the song revealing a strong sense of play embedded deep within its message. Lyrics focus on exactly how a person can be unnecessarily targeted without any effort being given to really know them. Instead, as the lyrics state, the ability to know a person has been ruined by broad, unfair generalizations.

“Basket Of Deplorables” shows off One Man Rock Band’s undeniable skill and unruly spirit.

By Beach Sloth