Miss Eaves – ‘Hump Day’


Miss Eaves creates a physical, highly sensual experience with “Hump Day”. Her voice is by far the highlight of the song. Delivered with a sense of true passion the elastic, airy percussion skitters above her carefully crafted lyrics. Lyrically the song is one that focuses on the ultimate sense of pleasure that can drive a person. Electro melodies effortlessly emphasize this sense of physicality that defines the track. The whole track at times has the same sort of feeling of Peaches early efforts, where she removed all the excess to stay true to the pure heart of the matter. However, Miss Eaves takes this approach to its logical conclusion, updating the sound and giving the content a slightly sly, seductive quality to it.

No time is wasted in getting started. No buildup is needed. Miss Eaves lets her voice take charge of the track. From this the light and airy melody dances its way around her perfectly delivered lyrics, whose descriptive qualities are deeply compelling. The song evolves in a magnificent way as the many percussive elements come together to create a highly intricate series of rhythms before it all drops out to return focus to Miss Eaves. Towards the end of the track everything comes together in a gorgeous swirl of color.

A strong sense of play defines the undeniably infectious grooves of “Hump Day” proving Miss Eaves to be a true master of a stripped down, sexually charged grooves.

Official Website – www.misseaves.com/

By Beach Sloth