Whether it’s Taylor Swift, Metallica, or Sound of Music gig you need to attend, nothing feels as good as getting a ticket on the cheap. Now for the bad news! The tickets for these concerts are never cheap, and if you do not know what you are doing, it can get quite expensive.

Nonetheless, when it comes to finding cheap entertainment, if you are patient and know where to look, you can get your tickets without breaking the bank.

If you are dying to go to that grand concert but do not have enough cash or simply want to save some money, follow this guide to getting gig tickets cheaper.

Purchase in Advance from Major Ticket Outlets
One of the best options for cheap tickets is buying tickets from the major outlets such as Fandango and Ticketmaster. One of the best things about these major sellers is that they offer pre-sales including credit card, social media, and fan club presales where they sell tickets at a discount. When buying your tickets online, you get a good discount by purchasing with presale codes and coupons. Run a quick Google search for which presales have a coupon code or discounts, and purchase using the one that you qualify for.

Buy Them at the Box Office
In many instances, you can avoid paying the high prices at the online ticket sellers by purchasing your tickets directly at the venue. Most gigs held in large stadiums and other music venues will have a box office from where you can get your tickets directly. While this may not always be an option, it will sometimes be the cheapest option as it eliminates intermediary fees from online brokers. Besides, you may find that the Box Office always has tickets even when they are sold out everywhere.

Buy from Ebay, Craiglist, or Gumtree
Classified sites Gumtree, and Craiglist and auction site eBay typically have cheap tickets from persons that are unable to attend the gig due to scheduling conflicts. The best thing about buying from these sellers is that these individuals are not looking to make a profit on their tickets. Most of the time you will get tickets selling for significantly less than face value. Nonetheless, these sites are full of scammer masquerading as sellers, and hence you need to be careful when purchasing tickets. Set aside some time to meet with the seller to confirm that the tickets are genuine before buying them.

Sign up for Membership, Newsletters, and Alerts
If there is one strategy that you could get from this guide to getting gig tickets cheaper, this is it. Sign up for the major ticket sellers such as Ticketmaster, Fandango, and Ticketline that will send you alerts whenever there is a hot gig coming up so that you can grab the tickets for cheap in advance. Another alternative is going to your band’s website or social media page and joining the fan club. Most bands will announce their tour dates and give presale codes like Ticketmaster and discounts like Fandango, and priority booking for fans at significantly reduced rates.

Check out Ticket Comparison Sites
Tickets will typically be very expensive when they first go on sale, but if you have the patience to wait it out, prices will drop if the demand fails to match the supply. By searching on a site like Ticketwood you can compare what the major ticketing sellers are offering. If you can be patient until the day before or the day of the gig, you can get tickets at the cheapest rates. Nonetheless, this is not always the best option particularly if the demand for the tickets surpasses the supply. You may end up missing out on the tickets altogether.

Attending your gigs does not need to empty your pockets. If you are disposed to some digging or a bit of ingenuity, you can get gig tickets you will often find tickets on the cheap. Take your pick on any strategy on this guide to getting gig tickets cheaper and get the ticket prices that you deserve.