Jack Mosbacher Band – ‘Sunny Songs for Shady People’


Jack Mosbacher Band’s “Sunny Songs for Shady People” presents a joyful, exuberant take on the best of pop. With the songs presenting a celebration of sorts, the entire album feels akin to a mere snapshot of a moment in a person’s life. From the relationships, the ups, the downs, the way the Jack Mosbacher Band creates an entire narrative feels quite refreshing. Everything has a sense of purpose as the songs interact ever so elegantly. Vocals rise up to the sky as they are drenched in a sense of wonder, passion, and love of the weirdness of the world’s many experiences.

“I’m in Love” starts things up with a playful jaunt of a rhythm, as it swings to and fro with a loose casual feel. The usage of a horns section further cements this giddy spirit. On “Bad News” they take on the blues with a true sense of style. Burning through the track with true heart and soul is the impassioned hope of “You’ll Come Around”. Downright glorious in delivery is the fully formed sound of “I Wish It Would Rain”. Easily the highlight of the collection is the lovely freedom of “Burning Love”. Closing the album off with a little introspection is the languid groove of “Into the Mystic”.

Best taken in as a whole, Jack Mosbacher Band’s “Sunny Songs for Shady People” feels like an updated version of the impeccable Beach Boys uncanny and endearing art pop.


By Beach Sloth