Young Beard – ‘The Big September’


Effortlessly blending elements of punk and folk into a satisfying whole, Young Beard’s “The Big September” is an absolute delight. Recalling Modest Mouse’s early work, the sound has a raw immediate impact to it. The way the pieces build up feels quite naturalistic. Lyrics have a poetic raw quality to them, as if Young Beard is drawing the listener into their own internal dialogue. Structurally the songs maintain a loose yet heartfelt approach as every song builds and relates to the last. “The Big September” is a collection that is best taken in as a whole.

Nicely growing ever stronger and stronger is the opener “The Big September”. Within this strong Young Beard nicely weaves small nods to post-rock into their colossal sound as the guitars soar towards the sky for its lovely finale. Bleary eyed and sleepy with its introduction is the distortion laden guitar heroics of “Milk on the Counter”. Easily the highlight of the collection, the song speeds forward with a sense of gleeful abandon. Tender in tone is the reassuring tone of “Home Safely”. Diving deep into a sea of percussion and energetic riffs is “JG” whose energetic approach works wonders. Refusing to end things on a quiet note is the agile display of “Black Mold” where Young Beard includes a slight hint of funk into their sound.

Young Beard’s “The Big September” shows off quite a flair for style, as the songs positively teem with life and hope in the future.

By Beach Sloth