So today we have the new video premiere from Jerad Finck “Criminal.” We were so excited to have Jerad premiere the video @skopemag that we also wanted to hear from him as well. This single/video is off his new EP ‘Criminal’. Enjoy the new video and be sure to catch up with Jerad as he speaks on the US presidential debates, the new video “Criminal”, staying inspired & creative, & so much more!

Skope: Where are we talking from today and how was your summer?

Jerad Finck: I’m currently in LA doing a bunch of writing sessions all week. This summer has been pretty awesome, life changing I would say. I’ve been working with my new management team ala David Lovett and Jennifer Lyneis who have really propelled me to the next level and got me around some crazy talented people for writing sessions pretty much all summer. We are launching a single to Radio, I just signed a deal with Kobalt, and have been out on the road with Parachute. It’s been a crazy busy, but exciting summer to say the least!

Skope: Will you be watching the debate at all tonight or is this all smoke & mirrors?

JF: I absolutely will be watching. I think that for the most part politicians are rehearsed, but these debates, especially these presidential debates we get to see the candidates in a high anxiety environment, display their level or preparedness, and most of all, their ability to be presidential. It is the highest office in the land in the greatest country in the world, and our standards for said office need to be equally high. I am very excited to watch the debate.

Skope: We are here to celebrate the new video “Criminal.” Offer us a history on the song and what inspired you to unleash such powerful lyrical content?

JF: The song came from a great writing session between me and a couple of friends in David Hodges and Steven Solomon. We were sitting in a room and David played a lick on the piano and we just started singing and the first couple of lines just popped out. Sometimes songwriting is like that, it’s this mystical level of awareness that people can come to, and when you do it with a group of people, its like pulling clouds from the sky. We have all been through breakups, we’ve all suffered loss, but this was a different take. It’s that reflective moment after you’ve been through it all, and you look back and weigh whether or not all of the suffering was worth it, are you a better or more learned person now, how have you grown, and how do you move forward. I think the message came through so clearly because it is so relatable, and as we were writing it we were talking about stories from our past, exploring memories, and we took those moments and feelings to create what I feel is just a fantastic song. I’m very proud of it, and honored to have been a part of it with such talented people.

Skope: I am in love with the instrumentals on the song. What came first the music or the words?

JF: I think it was really a synonymous act, we really just were playing our guitars and piano in the room and singing, and it happened in the most organic way. I think the best songs happen that way, in the moment.

Skope: How did you come up with the visuals for the video and who helped you make that a reality?

JF: Well we filmed a video piece for the full production of the song, and when we recorded the “Stripped” version, I wanted it to be equally organic. So we found this cool little studio in LA, had a couple drinks, dimmed the lights, and just played the song. I honestly think it is just so powerful in that “Stripped” down version, naked.

Skope: You are getting spins all over from @skopemag to Sirius/XM “The Pulse”. How does that feel and did you know you had a hit on your hands?

JF: Well I don’t know how to respond to that, because it is a little overwhelming right now, but it is honestly just fulfilling. It’s so nice to see people react and feel what I felt when I was writing it, it’s something that is intangible yet readily accessible. For me the most exciting part is seeing it through the eyes of other people as they relate it to their life. I don’t know if a songwriter/artist can ask for much more than that. The reaction has been nothing short of amazing.

Skope: You have been making great music for many years, what keeps you inspired & creative to keep on keeping on?

JF: People. I am a people person, and for me getting to know people, their stories, their struggles, their adventures and accomplishments, mean everything to me. Every day I wake up, and there is something new to experience, something to communicate because in general I feel like we are all just searching, and these small moments of creation and artistic direction allow us to come together in this life. It can be pretty solitary until one steps back and realizes that not only am I struggling, but we all are, we’re all looking for something cohesive and meaningful. I think that is the fundamental basis of all artistic expression in some way or form. How we relate to life and find meaning or experience from it.

Skope: Do you mind if fans download or stream the song and how do you consume music?

JF: I don’t care how people get it as long as they are getting it ha ha. I do youtube a lot, Spotify, and of course iTunes. Honestly for me though, if you listen, become a fan and share it, I couldn’t ask for more.

Skope: For those new to Jerad Finck and “Criminal”, what do you hope they take with them from you & the song?

JF: I hope they find something meaningful for their self in it. I hope that in some way it helps people deal or cope with something we have all been through. Being a person who has always struggled with loneliness or feelings of isolation, sometimes just knowing that it wasn’t the case was enough to help get through the day. I hope that I can give that to someone else.

Skope: What is coming up for Jerad Finck and where you @ online?

JF: LOTS OF MUSIC! I’ve been dormant for a bit, and mainly because I really wanted all of this to be the best stuff I’ve ever done. I’ve been writing non stop, traveling the country, and recording what I think is the next level for me as an artist. I constantly try to push myself to not only be relevant, but to grow as an artist and a writer. I am available in all the usual places, but I am most active on Twitter and Instagram, just search Jerad Finck.