The Legends follow up the acclaimed singles, “Roses” and “Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else)” with a duet with Ecuadorian born Maria Usbeck (ex. Selebrities) who debuted on Labrador/Cascine earlier this year.

“The constant quest for affirmation is destroying us all. Love me love me love me please be attracted to me see me Me ME!. It’s pathetic. I should have been more into cocaine.” He adds, “Maria Usbeck is the best new artist I’ve discovered in the last year. I barely know a dozen Spanish words, but still her songs say more about my life than most other music I listen to. It’s just very heartfelt. “Cocaine” needed a touch of heartfeltness so I asked her if she could make it a duet with me. She was kind enough to agree and recorded her parts in loving Spanish.”