Kenny Fame – “Oh What A Night”


Sung with the utmost of passion is Kenny Fame’s “Oh What A Night”. With a mellow laid back groove Kenny Fame explores great truths in life. He frames the song as a snapshot of a singular pivotal moment in a life. By giving the listener the background as well as a glimpse into the future the song at times feels like a short story, one which manages to create a view of how a person can change for the better. Vocals serve as the heart and center of the sound as Kenny Fame’s soothing, tender voice leads the song forward.

Nimble guitar work introduces the song. From there a minimal and effective groove takes over. Attention to detail is perfect as the way the song builds feels particularly satisfying. Opting for a full-on style, one whose optimism grows ever larger, Kenny Fame lets the song reveal as entire plan for a life lived fully. Layer upon layer of sound are added so discretely. Slowly but surely Kenny Fame’s song is filled with a greater variety of colors. Upon the inclusion of a lovely, dusty organ the song truly takes off. For the finale section of the piece Kenny Fame’s song appears to tap into an almost classic rock sort of sound as everything works together in a dazzling display.

Filled with a sense of hope and togetherness, Kenny Fame’s “Oh What A Night” is a pure joy.

By Beach Sloth