Alex Mery & The Townsmen – ‘Safely On Your Way’


Alex Mery & The Townsmen presents a highly spirited narrative with the carefully crafted folk leanings of “Safely On Your Way”. Lyrics are front and center of the album as they articulate an entire life. The highs and the lows of a life lived most fully are explored in impressive detail. Instruments shine through with crystal clarity as they incorporate elements of folk, rock, with a theatrical flair reminiscent of the Decemberists. By opting for such an approach the songs unfurl with a sense of wonder of the world. Light and nimble the sound has an airy feeling, one of staring up as the sky with a sense of amazement.

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“War Horse” begins the collection off on with a great sense of optimism. Here the song’s descriptive quality works to its ultimate benefit as it celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Settling into a sweet tender groove is the brilliance of “Searching”. The stately sound of “Lay Down Arms” feels rather apt as the song reveals a sense of longing. A communal spirit defines the album highlight of “Elegy”. On this track Alex Mery & The Townsmen take their time in building the song up in such a satisfying manner. Nimble in tone is the intimate “Where the River Meets the Sea”. Bringing the collection to a joyful conclusion is the tenderness of “Familiar Sights and Sounds”.

Cinematic in scope, Alex Mery & The Townsmen present a truly tender view of the world with the infinitely tasteful work of “Safely On Your Way”.

By Beach Sloth