Lee Smythe – ‘Waste Away With Me’


On “Waste Away With Me” Lee Smythe taps into a jaunty, nostalgia-tinged sound that marries the Elephant6 Collective aesthetic with vaudeville. Colorful to its very core the piece is a jovial piece, one that includes a great deal of play in its execution. Doing the work of an entire band is the warped warble of the organ which punctuates the piece in just the right way. A dreamy aesthetic takes hold of the track as everything feels as if it was transmitted from so long ago. Vocals nicely meshed with the overall funhouse mirror spirit that the track displays in a myriad number of ways.


Upon hearing the guitar coming in from far away Lee Symthe lets the groove unfurl itself ever so leisurely. There is a true sense of joy that serves as the heart and center of the piece. Rhythms are kept loose deliberately in order to further emphasize the surreal nature of the sound. Coming on as a delightful display of colors there is a late spring/early summery optimism to the song where everything feels possible. By keeping the entirety of the piece in a state of flux it remains impossible to determine where it might go next. For the final stretch of the song Lee Smythe lets much of it drop out to reveal the song’s true, romantic message.


Lee Smythe’s “Waste Away With Me” is a true pop diamond, one that represents an inviting infectious melody and glittering groove.


By Beach Sloth