Biltmore – ‘Revolutions & Romantics’


Biltmore’s “Revolutions & Romantics” offers up a little slice of alt rock heaven. With a sound that feels visceral the songs are downright inviting. Sung with a sense of urgency every song plays off of the last. Lyrics are thoughtful reveling in the many nuances of relationships. Throughout it all a dreamy sensibility seems to dominate as the songs feel akin to dreams, with beautiful glimmering guitar work present throughout the album. Opting for this take Biltmore merges elements of shoegaze and post-rock into a pop format. At times reminiscent of the same energy of the Killers, the sound is simply stunning.

True to its title “Never Let You Go” serves as the album romantic opener. As the song progresses Biltmore aims for the stars as the song soars ever so majestically. Nicely following this is the driving rhythm of “Glitter (Dance All Night)” whose guitar work recalls the best of Explosions in the Sky. Slowing things down a little is the introspective story of “Neon”. On “Las Vegas Blue” Biltmore strips the song down to its absolute heart. Expansive in nature is the cinematic swirl of “Scenes From An American Highway Rest Stop” with its slice of Americana working wonders. With a nicely infectious groove is the energetic ornate sound of “Going Out”. Recalling a hint of Radiohead’s “The Bends” is the album highlight “Stars In The Attic”. Lovely in tone the song’s tenderness works well with its gradual yet satisfying buildup. Closing the album on a high note is the rush of “Thank You For Bringing Me Home”.

Emotionally moving with a dazzling display of talent is the undeniably smooth sound of Biltmore’s “Revolutions & Romantics”.

By Beach Sloth