Sarantos – ‘D’ja Cheat’


Delivered with great power Sarantos “D’ja Cheat” is dedicated to all those who have been on the receiving end of a cheating partner. With a hard-hitting unrelenting beat the rushes through with great power. By opting for a hard rock style the song simply soars, showing off impressive guitar shredding. Lyrically the song creates an entire narrative, one that laments how a relationship slowly fell apart. As the song progresses it begins to focus more intensely on the singer, on how the singer’s own suspicions set the relationship up for failure. Over-emphasizing that aspect the relationship Sarantos shifts the focus away from the other in the relationship to his own perspective, one he comes to realize is what helped to ruin the relationship.

Beginning headfirst with an adrenaline fueled intro, the song lets the multiple perspectives of the song interact quite perfectly. Growing ever larger the song’s arrangement refuses to let up. Sarantos lets the song explore his innermost workings, his fears and his insecurities. Without seeing the perspective of the other individual at first the song feels one-sided. Eventually Sarantos comes to the realization that there was no way in which to save the relationship. If there was this lingering doubt it would be this lingering doubt that would have destroyed the relationship anyway. While professing his true love he comes to understand that this suspicion helped to ruin the relationship, whether or not it was based in reality.

Sarantos explores the disintegration of a relationship with the heartache filled lyricism of “D’ja Cheat”.

By Beach Sloth