Problems with your dental and oral health have significant effects on your life. There are many preventable dental issues that may befall you. However, by virtue of the conditions being self-inflicted, you can still get to perfect dental and oral health with brushing, cleaning and regular checks from a family dentist in Stafford.

Some of the common dental issues you should be aware of, or ones that you or your loved ones have experienced include:

Bad breath
A big number of Americans suffer from bad breath. It is medically termed halitosis and could be a sign of a health problem or just poor oral care. Lack of brushing leads to bacterial growth around your teeth and tongue, hence bad breath. Using a tongue scraper like the one found at this link can help remove bacteria and reduce bad breath. Poor care and cleaning of dentures will also result in bad breath because of odor-causing bacteria and food particles lodged in the dentures. Gum disease manifests as bad breath in most cases.

Gum disease
The main sign of gum disease is bleeding, painful and swollen gums. Brushing teeth is the first step to avoiding gum disease and other dental issues. In the case of gum disease, unclean and un-brushed teeth will lead to accumulation of food particles in the spaces behind teeth.

Eventually, you will have cavities and plaque. These encourage bacterial growth resulting in inflamed gums that are swollen. This will present as gingivitis that will progress into periodontitis. Release of toxic chemicals by bacteria will aggravate the infections causing further damage that leads to eventual tooth loss. One of the best Aurora, CO dentists will diagnose and treat any patient suffering from gum disease.

Mouth sores
This is a dental issue caused by many different problems. However, gum disease, gingivitis or periodontitis will cause mouth sores/ stomatitis. Good dental habits will resolve this issue.

Tooth Decay
Teeth are the strongest parts of your body. The enamel is very strong and with good oral and dental hygiene, you shouldn’t have any problems with your teeth’s structural integrity. However, some people still experience tooth decay or destruction of the enamel and the dentine.

The main cause of tooth decay is bacterial activity on sugary and starchy food substances on your teeth and in the cavities. Food debris, bacteria, saliva and acid will combine and form a plaque that sticks to your teeth. Acids in the plague will slowly dissolve your enamel creating holes called cavities.

This can be prevented by brushing with fluoride toothpaste, drinking fluorinated water, eating nutritious meals and flossing. Regular dentist visits and supplements will prevent tooth decay.

Also called teeth grinding; it is caused by missing, crooked, stress, anxiety or sleep apnea. This habit leads to loosened, lost or fractured teeth. Cosmetic procedures to resolve this include crowns, root canals, bridges, implants and/ or dentures. You should learn to relax your jaw muscles to prevent teeth grinding. Caffeine, alcohol and chewing pens/ pencils should be avoided.

In conclusion, you are capable of living a life free of any of these conditions if you employ good dental and oral hygiene habits. The adverts asking you to brush your teeth twice daily only care about you and are not there just to make money. Your appearance and confidence will always be envied if you take good care of your oral hygiene.

Author Bio
Samantha Jones is a dentist and one of the renowned Aurora co dentists. Her profile is exceptional and she has worked in many First and Third world countries where her efforts have been internationally recognized for helping to reduce dental and oral health conditions.