Hot Date – ‘Three Sides To The Story’


Hot Date’s “Three Sides To The Story” is indie rock done right. With a sound reminiscent of much of DFA’s roster, the collection simply gleams brightly. Arrangements feel pitch perfect as they range from a slight dance rock vibe to a more classic rock approach. Throughout it all their attention to detail with their thoughtful lyrics help to anchor the three pieces as they intermingle resulting in something so edgy yet so tender. By opting for a different take with each song the pieces feel absolutely spellbinding, with Nora O’Brien’s satisfying vocals serving as one of the highlights of the collection.

Beginning everything is the passionate insistent rhythm of “His”. Eric Carranza’s attention to detail with the keyboards and guitar work is extraordinary as the song sometimes appears to simply want to float into the air. When it opts for the dreamier sound it feels completely earned. Loud and bombastic in tone is the powerful sound of “Hers”. Within the heavy rock sound is a slight nod to jazz, as the delicate percussion works wonders as does the bold nature of the guitar. Easily the highlight of the collection is the closer of “Truth”. Sounding reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian the playful vocal delivery and lyricism is perfectly matched by the oftentimes woozy nature of the organ vamps, as the entire piece moves very deliberately, almost stumbling in its approach.

Polished and sophisticated, Hot Date’s trilogy of “Three Sides To The Story” weave a careful narrative, one that gives their songwriting true heart.

By Beach Sloth