Brooke Barry has been captivating her audiences nearly her whole life with fantastic musical capabilities and mastery of lyricism, and today, we’re excited to bring to you her newest track, “Changed.” Sweeping symphonic melodies and acoustic guitar accessorize Barry’s spectacular vocals, creating an emotional ballad that strikes the heart. The use of a live string quartet and powerful drums kick in on the second half of the song, and the resulting work is a refreshing breath of air in today’s high energy music scene.

The musical director for the project is Nolan Frank, keyboardist for Justin Bieber. Reminiscent of the likes of Lana Del Rey with the mainstream appeal of Ed Sheeran, her poetic words cut through and indicate an artist with a long career ahead. With the long summer nights ahead of us still to come, settle down at night with this impressively mature work from the talented 18 year old.