Daniel Friend – “Through the Clouds”


Daniel Friend’s “Through the Clouds” has a delicate pastoral quality to it. Lead by a gentle tender guitar the piece feels so soothing. Exploring cadence and rhythm, the sound feels reminiscent of Iron & Wine’s fragile pieces. Without saying a word, a careful narrative is formed, a sweetness woven within the airy atmosphere. Attention to detail is exquisite with everything feeling positively crisp. This, combined with the optimistic emphasis, results in a small escape from the world.

Without wasting any time Daniel Friend jumps into the midst of things with a cool casual melody that anchors the whole track. His rhythm is airy in tone and texture. Nimble with the details Daniel Friend’s attention to the smallest aspects of the sound are reminiscent of John Facey’s equal level of attention. Throughout the piece Daniel Friend lets the silence play an important role within the overall piece. Drawing from folk, from blues, even a little from bossa nova’s lighter touch, the feel of the sound has a joyful emphasis to it one that guides it through the entirety of the piece. Tempo changes quite frequently as Daniel Friend treats the song like a living breathing organism, letting the pauses, letting the smaller moments fully function on their own. Going for this arrangement results in something that possesses great color and beauty.

“Through the Clouds” shows off Daniel Friend’s impressive ability to tap into the naturalistic hues of folk music resulting in a lovely, emotionally moving sound.


By Beach Sloth