Dom Mar Kz – “Destiny”


Dom Mar Kz’s “Destiny” is a heartfelt ode to forging one’s own path in life delivered with fiery passion. Effortlessly blending together elements of country, rock, and pop, the song comes together so perfectly. Attention to detail is incredibly important as the arrangement is colorful with elements brought together like a vast tapestry of sound. Piano, pounding drums, steady bass and amped up guitar lead the way forward. Throughout it all Dom Mar Kz’s voice works to anchor the entire thing, even in the midst of some of the song’s majestic guitar work.

With a slow, quiet beginning the song starts with an elegant piano. Such introspective beginnings eventually flower into something quite lovely. Guitars flow into the mix as the rhythm section gets started in earnest. As Dom Mar Kz’s celebrates his freedom, of what he was made to do, the song really gets quite energetic. This constant driving rhythm works wonders as the song expands out ever so joyfully. Optimism lets the piece grow ever larger in size and scale. The inclusion of the organ into the mix lets the piece simply roam free enjoying its ability to punctuate Dom Mar Kz’s deeply, insightful lyricism. After an incredible guitar solo towards the end of the song everything simply rushes forward delivering the utmost in appreciation towards the world and the faith required to pursue one’s own dreams.

Stylish and sophisticated, Dom Mar Kz’s “Destiny” is a song of individualism.

By Beach Sloth