Rising star Leslie Cours Mather’s “We Are America” is a rallying cry for unity. The new single is at radio now, and is available for free download from Mather’s website to fans who join her mailing list.

Mathers wrote the compelling song immediately after 9/11. “I was heartbroken,” she recalls. “But all over Los Angeles, you’d see countless American flags flying from cars. Our country was unified – briefly.” Leslie, a self-professed Army “brat,” admits to feeling a certain level of disappointment when LA Lakers’ flags replaced the stars and stripes just a few short months later. “I think that if people are indifferent we have a problem,” Mather states. “It seems more important than ever that we remember that we are a people united by this country we call home … united we stand; divided we fall. That’s what ‘We Are America’ is all about – and why we’re releasing it now.”