Jordan Bennett – ‘Outcasts and Untouchables’


Full of heart and soul, Jordan Bennett’s “Outcasts and Untouchables” is a perfect kind of pop. With emotive vocals the songs simply soar. Lyrics are highly articulate akin to conversations with cared-for friends. Arrangements serve as the ideal accompaniment hitting the right kind of vulnerability. Stripped down to the absolute essentials everything works from the steady rhythms to the satisfyingly sweet guitar work. Woven together into a vast tapestry of sound the album works as a series of snapshots of a single life. This narrative helps to drive the album forward.

With “Stars at Night” Jordan Bennett creates a tender romantic piece. A surreal landscape takes shape as the song unfurls ever so gently. Sweeping sound defines the honest heartfelt emotion of “Nothing Without You”. Jordan Bennett describes missing someone on “A Letter to a Friend”. Sung with the utmost of tenderness the song is loving and kind. The gradual bloom of “You” makes it the album highlight as the slow build adds to the sense of purpose that the song describes. Giddiness guides the title track “Outcasts and Untouchables”, whose small details work wonders, from the handclaps to the full-on fast paced, folk tinged tempo. “Walk With Me to the Heavens” takes on a leisurely lilt, letting the element of faith play an important role in the piece. A hushed whisper rules over the intimate “Galaxies Away”. Cinematic in scope is the intricately layered “The Great Unknown”.

Jordan Bennett’s “Outcasts and Untouchables” is an album for the lovelorn.

By Beach Sloth