Dress Like the Best_phixr

Band members need flair and flare to make their next performance a memorable one not only for them but for the fans that follow the music and gigs. Obviously, clothing items can make a statement and there are certain pieces that can attract the kind of attention that sets the mood for any performance.

Stage Pants
One clothing item that seems to be a standout around the band scene today is Stage Pants. They come in all styles from form fitting, to straight leg to boot cut, and they are usually embellished or emblazoned with metal hardware and printed with unique patches or other graphics. The material is usually denim or distressed denim in black, dark blue, blue denim, and even washed denim looks.

Denim, Leather, Button-Down Jackets
Another clothing article for performance is a denim, cotton twill, button down or leather jacket, which can either be distressed, dark or light wash, and trimmed or garnished with metal pieces, specialized patches, graphic prints or other embellishments, such as a special band insignia or other connection to the band. The metal, button down look can either be open or closed for an effect over a sleeveless or half sleeve t-shirt and it even suggests an old-style military look from days gone by.

Custom T-Shirts
Band members and their fans like the idea of some cohesiveness in their dress, and screen-printed t-shirts seem to be a big part of what makes a band rock just a little bit more. Getting screen-printed t-shirts is one idea that most band members approve of and want all members of the band to wear in a performance. Some shirts, like those available from Absolute Screen Printing, are automatically pressed. Finding the right style for your band is important. Whether it’s long, short, or sleeveless, take into account the look you really want. Some shirts contain special band emblems, symbols, logos and band features that really make you look good.

Hoodies are another flair piece that distinguish one band from another, and besides providing cover over a sleeveless t with cuts, rips and flaring and fuming colors, a hoodie can be the finishing touch to a t-shirt. Long and short sleeved hoodies with raw edges, graphics, tie-dye effects, bold wording and even glitter or lace effects can provide a stand out look on or off stage.

Slouchy Knit Beanie Hats
Though a slouchy beanie knit hat is more of an accessory, it is an essential flair piece for most bands and adds an extra finishing piece and touch to the whole performance look. Beanies are usually a blend of fleece and acrylic fabrics and are most always worn in black with an emblem or logo on the side.

All of the five (5) pieces that any band (or your band) should consider are essentials that go along with dressing the part of a band member, while representing the group as a whole. If you want to dress like the best rockers, consider incorporating these pieces in your current lineup of on stage wardrobe pieces.