Bucky Hayes and The Commonwealth – ‘100 Miles to Macon’


Bucky Hayes and the The Commonwealth create a true classic with “100 Miles to Macon”. Sung with absolute honesty, “100 Miles to Macon” is a gentle kind of joy. With soulful delivery, Bucky Hayes creates a sense of wonder with his poetic lyricism. Accompanying him is just the perfect mixture of Americana, country, rock, all nicely framed with a perfect pop sensibility. These are songs that linger in the mind long after the songs are over. Instrumentally the songs take quite a varied approach from the rollicking to the surreal, led by glistening organ, a tight rhythm section, and impressive guitar riffs.

“I’ll Leave The Light On” serves as an ideal opener to the album. With warm tender lyricism it sets the tone for much of the album. Slowing things down a bit is the nostalgic sensibility of “Sweet June” of reminiscing of good times and hoping for more. Gentle in nature is the understated acoustic beauty of “Go Brother Go”. On “Loretta Rae” things are quite celebratory. Serving as the heart of the album is the title track “100 Miles To Macon”. A cleverly executed slow build leads the song forward. Soaring into the sky is the spacious “Fly On”. Ending the album with a sense of hope is the optimistic tenor of “We Gonna Get Stronger Somehow”.

By emphasizing a thoughtfulness throughout “100 Miles to Macon”, Bucky Hayes and The Commonwealth create a sense of comfort, of welcome to the listener.


By Beach Sloth