Dwen – “One More Drank/Ridin High”


Dwen’s sound is positively dominating. With a sense of celebration throughout the two pieces Dwen creates an undeniable sense of joy. Rhythms positively bounce. Volume is an absolute must as the songs work best at an almost physical amount of sound. By far the highlight of the pieces is Dwen’s impeccable flow which is the right level of storytelling and simple command. Samples are woven deep, with the layered sound doing particularly fine work in creating a full rich dense sound.

Grandeur introduces the gargantuan “One More Drank”. Bass literally hits hard as the piece glides by ever so gracefully. Hyperactive to its core the song builds up in terms of temperament and the frenzied pitch of the synthesizers. Percussive elements fly in and out of the mix keeping everything centered around the colossal nature of the track. Tapping into a pure party atmosphere the song simply rules with great energy. Over the course of the piece Dwen explores the imagery of the perfect night out, of pure joy. With a dreamy sample serving as the heart and center of the track is the hazy “Ridin High”. Lyrics focus on the weirdness of the routine, of how surrealism finds its way into the regular day to day. By embracing it, by disassociating with it, life becomes far easier to handle.

Throughout these two pieces Dwen shows off his tight flow, incredible rhythms, and infinite catchiness.


By Beach Sloth