J’Moris – “Moris Better: The Hangover”


“MorIs Better: The Hangover” shows off J’Moris’s impressive lyrical flow and strong sense of storytelling. Throughout the collection J’Moris peppers the pieces with lots of pop culture references. Keeping this centered are little snapshots of a life, anxiety of parenthood, loving people, etc. By doing this he is able to go for a playful nimble style. Production is impressive with the deep grooves helping to anchor the grandeur of the sound. These are songs that deserve to be played as loud as possible in order to fully understood.

Stream the full EP here: https://soundcloud.com/jmoris

“Intro” opens the collection off on a high note with a glistening neon-hued sound, fanfare punctuating the piece. Clever sampling helps to give “Crazy” a fascinating sound one which grows increasingly more intricate as J’Moris lets the layers interact with his impressive lyricism. With a sense of anxiety is the tense work of “Long Night” which sprawls out exploring the power of community and friendship. By far the highlight of the collection is the luxurious sound of “Lesbian”. Gentle and glistening the song is tender in tone. Ending the collection on a sad note is the loss of “Foreva”. As the song progress it reminiscences about how a relationship can come to a terrible, tragic end. Breakups are dramatic, and how it leads up to it is particularly troubling: of how those great moments in life come back to haunt, reminding them of better times.

Smart, stylish imbued with great meaning, J’Moris creates a compelling collection with “MorIs Better: The Hangover”.


Posted by Beach Sloth