Junior and the Rude Mood – “Trust and Happiness Are Gone”


Bluesy to its very core, Junior and the Rude Mood taps into a timeless sound with “Trust and Happiness are Gone”. With lyrics that focus on feeling outright rejected the song moves along lazily, looking for little glimmers of hope. The slow dirge-like tempo further emphasizes the tragic, introspective mood that dominates the piece. Gradually the piece grows ever larger in scope as new layers enter into the mix creating a virtual swirl of sound. Everything is perfectly balanced: from the expressive percussion to the nimble guitar work, it all works in serving the dreamy tragic mood that dominates the piece. Serving as the heart and soul of the song is Junior’s strong, world-weary voice which carries the song home.


Quiet at first the only glimmer is the hovering organ vamp which introduces the piece. Restrained guitar work helps to add additional color into the mix as the piece grows bigger in scope and size. Junior’s voice takes front and center stage as his lyrics focus on the idea of pure, crushing loss. As the song continues it grows ever more defeated, with the further flourishes serving the song’s downbeat sound. Towards the latter half of the song Junior and the Rude Mood drop the lyrics, to show off their impressive guitar work.

Full of passion, Junior and the Rude Mood’s “Trust and Happiness are Gone” display blues and rock done right.


Posted by Beach Sloth