Dak – “2 Face”


Thoughtful and elegantly executed, Dak’s “2 Face” presents brilliant poetic pop. Dak carefully crafts his lyrics, presenting a hopeful look at the world determining exactly what the deeper meaning in life may be. By accompanying these questions of life with a tasteful hybrid of jazz and hip hop the songs are given just the right kind of canvas. Gorgeous colorful textures are explored in great detail throughout the collection whether it is the languid tempos or the lush melodies.

“Draining Me” via Soundcloud:

Easily the highlight of the collection is the harmonically rich sound of “Distracted”. Dak starts the song off on an airy note before diving into the song’s inner message. Life is explored most fully as Dak goes through all the distractions that prevent one from fully appreciating the moment. Items that tend to require the most attention, from phones to media, are the things that may take away from enjoying life. Towards the end of the track Dak asks why are the distractions even necessary, is it because people are afraid of interacting honestly with each other. Tension defines the hard-hitting work of “Draining Me”. Luxurious in nature is the sweetness of “Pain and the Pleasure”. With glistening keys the song examines how pain is a necessary part of living in order to truly enjoy the pleasure that can sometimes seem so fleeting. Brilliantly executed is the celebratory communal spirit of “For Myself”. Ending things on a high note is the impressive build of “The Audition” whose story is rather touching in nature, focusing on the lonely path of an artist.

“2 Face” serves as an emotionally rich experience, one that shows off Dak’s impeccable taste and tight lyrical delivery.


Posted by Beach Sloth