Fire In The Field – ‘Look So Strange’


Fire In The Field’s “Look So Strange” reveals its heart and soul as blues mixed with rock n’ roll. With a classic rock sound accompanied by a slow burning fiery passion these songs recall a sweeter more stylish time in pop. Everything works from the incredible emotional vocal delivery to the rollicking rhythms right down to the expressive organ. This is the kind of music that is as much physical as it is emotional, with the vamps being done pitch perfect to every song’s small yet significant flourish of sound.

“Honey Cup” begins things with an anxious guitar riff. From this small introduction the song’s tension is slowly built up ever so gradually. Fire In The Field takes its time in letting the energy rise up until it absolutely overwhelms. By far the highlight of the collection the song gets ever more expansive in nature. Wasting absolutely no time is the downright lush sound of “These Hills”. Precise percussion leads the way as the song morphs into something oddly beautiful, almost serene at times before interrupting this piece with dramatic fanfare. Heavy in nature is the distortion lead work of “Most Evil” whose chaos is engrossing, as Fire In The Field show off their considerable chops as the guitar solo tears through it all. Ending things on a high note is the high energy “Eyes”.

“Look So Strange” shows Fire In The Field harking back to the best of classic rock.

Posted by Beach Sloth