Dan Isbell – “Father’s Day (My Superman)”


Dan Isbell’s “Father Day” is a tender country ode to the power of fathers. Sung straight from the heart the song unfurls slowly. A narrative forms from the careful details of a life lived fully. Vocals are delivered with the utmost of familial affection, deep, resonant and crystal clear. By keeping the song to the absolute essentials, of a voice and a guitar, a lot is able to be conveyed free of adornment. Thus, the small tweaks of the sound, particularly the tension formed by long pauses, indicate that of the ultimate kind of devotion. Effortlessly Dan Isbell is able to tie together elements of rock and country into a satisfying, stirring whole.

Audio: http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/7myra61rzm/Fathers_Day_Dan_Isbell.mp3

Crisp guitar introduces the piece. From here Dan Isbell starts the song off talking about the mundane aspects of life, of what defines a day to day existence. Throughout the song Dan Isbell carefully grows the image of the father, from one who simply does daily tasks to somebody who has given his life over to the service of his children. While the song grows in size the small details gain deeper meaning. The father gives up so much of his time in exchange for his children. By the end of the track the pauses, the belief in his children, becomes so clear it is almost overwhelming, like a mirror reflection of the same affection given to him is shown back in full.

Sweet and sincere, Dan Isbell’s “Father’s Day (My Superman)” is a song that celebrates love for the father.


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