Yury – “entropy”


Exploring the darker impulses is the elegant smooth work of Yury’s “entropy.”. Atmospheric in nature these are songs that explore the emotional. Spacious sounds permeate each and every piece. Rhythms are kept low key letting the songs simply seep into the mind. Yury’s flow in particularly impressive letting his lyricism neatly match each one of his song’s moods. Production values radiate as he lets languid grooves unfurl ever so gradually. Within “entropy.” it is the small details that have the greatest impact.

Listen to “entropy” in full at Bandcamp:

“Moments” opens the collection on a high note as the song comes in and out of focus. Percussion is kept to the essentials. An elastic bass line keeps the song together as all else swirls around that. Vocals are disembodied, floating in and out of the mix like a kind of consciousness. On “Growing Pains” Yury opts for a more active sound. A grandeur develops throughout the song as the melody grows ever more delicate. Blurred nostalgia dominates the warm tender sound of “New Beginnings” as the song has a satisfying driving rhythm as Yury plays with the tempo to great effect. On “Intrinsically Motivated” Yury taps into a strange, almost Boards of Canada like element throughout the piece as the sounds soar eerily. Ending the collection off on a mysterious note is the loose tempo of “Dogma” whose lyrics are the highlight as Yury’s flow is particularly tight nicely matching the introspective approach.

Yury’s “entropy.” uses an impressive palette of sound to create a deeply compelling collection.


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