Cody Webb – “More Than a Little”


Emerging country artist Cody Webb recently released a new single from his upcoming six-track self-titled summer EP. Cody, who hails from South Carolina started taking guitar lessons at just eight years of age. He became as passionate about singing and songwriting as he did about playing the guitar. Cody Webb now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of USA.

And all of this ends up being where More Than A Little does exactly what it’s supposed to do – make a good first impression. In many ways it’s a country song like every other country song that you may have heard – but better. Cody Webb, More Than A Little hits the ‘love song’ mark completely and strikes a chord. The song is rock solid from the very beginning. Kudos to Cody Webb’s vocal prowess and skilled guitar work. While his new single is impressive as it should be, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear his best work yet to come. This young man shows a lot of promise and every new artists has to start somewhere. Even through this not your average run-of-the-mill song, the artist shows much potential, with the right song and arrangement, truly sweeping you off your feet.



Michael Barker