Rev Peter Unger – “At Heaven’s Door”


Languid and lovely in tone is Rev Peter Unger’s “At Heaven’s Door”. Kept to the absolute essentials Rev Peter Unger opts for an airy feel to the arrangements. Absolutely crisp the production values are incredible. By far the highlight of the song are the tender lyrics delivered with reassurance by Rev Peter Unger. As the song progresses it reflects upon the unknowable nature of the afterlife. Poetic in nature the song’s lyricism reflects upon the thoughts about what happens after the knowable is over and there remains the uncertainty of death. However, Rev Peter Unger decides to clarify the positive attributes of what it means to pass on into a whole other world.


Delicate guitar chords introduce the song. Wordless at first the song has an autumnal feeling, fitting for a song with such an emphasis on looking at the afterlife. Rev Peter Unger’s voice rises above confident and crystal clear. Upon the introduction of the backing chorus and the subtle bass, the song comes into full bloom. Economical in impact the song’s power grows ever larger. Small flourishes are magnified immensely by the song’s little touches, a slight extra emphasis on a chord, a rhythm moving a little faster, and the chorus going for a dreamier approach. Comforting in tone the song’s strength comes from its everlasting calm.

Full of a quiet kind of joy Rev Peter Unger creates a satisfying deeply spiritual sound with “At Heaven’s Door”.

Posted by Beach Sloth