Miss Krystle might be the only one who can wear a blue bikini, coupled with Marilyn Manson inspired shoes, and flawlessly be able to pull it off! Fittingly titled “Dukes Up,” Miss Krystle belts the first line to her listeners “Never going to hold me back, I can take care of me” while standing behind a table covered in fruits and vegetables (a tribute to her vegan lifestyle). From colorful scribble animation, a glistening gun wall, to the all-girl crew and beautiful snow scenes, we love the 90s feel of this music video!

Since her emancipation from Miss America pageants, Miss Krystle has become a pop icon and motivational leader through her music, lifestyle, and various social causes. Although Miss Krystle’s clarion voice is only second to the self-empowering lyrics of Dukes Up, saying “every now and then I gotta take control. Lace them gloves up, and then I’ll let it go… knock them out so everybody know…” Following the release her super sexy music video, “SWEAR,” off her upcoming album “WOMAN IN MOTION,” Dukes Up gives a sneak peek into a more dark, dangerous, and surprising side of Miss Krystle. Oh, did I forget to mention? On top of a full-time music career, Miss Krystle is an attorney, and owns her own entertainment law firm.