EK – “I Got You”


EK’s “I Got You” is an absolutely immersive experience. Production opts for an immersive emotive dub-like melody with languid dreamy pacing. Textural elements are incredible and EK’s attention to detail is quite impressive. Mitymaose’s vocals are remarkably smooth reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s similar luxurious voice. Lyrically the song has a clear narrative, one familiar to everyone: the person they love and how the person they love has become problematic. “I Got You” takes the path of devotion to an individual who is aware of the pitfalls that await them yet the allure is far too strong.

“I Got You” via Soundcloud:

Watch the lyric video for “I Got You:

An blurred beautiful melody emerges out of the dub-influenced churn. Bass feels physical in nature. Everything simply works together. The percussion feels absolutely ideal: the right level of nimble, it skitters above the top. Highly articulate the lyrics lead the way through the many different mazes that present themselves over the course of the song. As the song swirls about it reveals ever more color. Build up is present throughout the song as EK emphasizes the utmost of patience. Layers are added carefully always keeping things straightforward and deeply moving. Within the mix are tiny little flourishes that truly make it remarkable. By the end of the track EK lets things sprawl out, adding a perfectly placed saxophone into the mix, giving the song a jazzy light finale.

“I Got You” is downright lush in scope, with EK displaying a deft knack for bringing out the best in bright brilliant tones.


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