Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Eight

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Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Eight is a digital release out of the series of open genre music releases on Bongo Boy Records USA. This release include 10 international recording artists and the genre various from Pop, Dance EDM, Folk and Hop Hip.

Steve Ryan’s “Movin On (Electro Soul Mix)” opens the compilation up with high energy. The stylish sophisticated sound is a clever take on soul music. Meticulously arranged the song’s irresistible melody and driving rhythm make it a true joy.

“My Dreams” shows off Valerie West’s impressive vocal delivery. A delicate arrangement accompanies her with just the right kind of buildup. The little details work wonders from the immaculate percussion to the sly synthesizer sounds.

Physicality rules over OnPlanetZu’s “My Kind Of Party”. Anthemic to its very core the percussion positively pops, with a nod to dubstep and dance. The sound works best at the highest possible volume, to get the song’s full experience.

Delivered with great psychedelic fervor is the dreamy sound of Yona Pax’s “Parfois J’Ai Envie Crier”. Passionate and perfect the song’s strength comes from Yona Pax’s attention to detail, letting things soar to the sky while also keeping things rather grounded. At times recalling Jane Birkin’s work the song is simply stunning.

Madison Charnigo opts for a quiet intimate approach on “Stay Strong”. Highly articulate in nature the song’s peaceful nature gives it an introspective feel. The arrangement has everything in its right place from the sweet sound of the acoustic guitar to the low-key piano.

Hitting hard with deep bass rumbles is the languid style of Conceptz’s “Multiply”. A carefully crafted narrative helps to bring the song together. Remarkably spacious the song’s casual rhythm gives it a chilled out vibe.

Colorful in tone is the fragile nature of Deborah Henriksson’s “Calling”. Effortlessly combining elements of electronic and acoustic instrumentation the song glimmers with hope. Truly lovely the song is one of quiet happiness.

“Wheya” lets Yona Pax explore a more spaghetti western sort of sound. With an insistent rhythm the song gallops forward. Slowly but surely the song’s intensity comes into full bloom, with all the layers of sound interacting so beautifully.

Going full blast is the indomitable sound of Mags with “Knock (Remix)”. Akin to origami the song folds upon itself. Playful in nature the song’s charm rests in its hyperactivity and relentless exploration of sound.

Slow and steady Eye’z creates a powerful sound with “Levitating (Remix)”. The song’s giddy nature is reflected in its short staccato rhythm placed alongside the rather anxious melody. As the song progresses it grows in power as more and more enters into the mix.

Closing things off on a reflective note is Allie Carroll’s “Knight in Shining Armor”. Tenderly delivered Allie Carroll’s song is one of pure devotion. The song’s balance between the whispered and the shouted is a true delight.

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