Alexandra – “Criminal”


Full of passion Alexandra’s “Criminal” is an infectious engaging piece of pop. Everything simply works from her undeniably strong vocals to the thoughtful lyricism. Nicely accompanying her voice are the impeccable arrangements which seem to nicely match her own chaotic and highly charged delivery. Perfectly balanced the song is a compassionate piece one that truly oozes with a great amount of devotion.

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No time is wasted as the listener is thrown into the thick of things. A blistering guitar riff introduces the song. Ever so carefully the song builds up in intensity. Percussion creates a compelling groove. With all of these many elements the piece begins to come into full bloom. After about the first minute the song grows ever more visceral. Her lyrics state her devoted love and doubt about how society judges people. This love grows ever stronger and stronger. By refusing to reject the person the song focuses on love for the outlaw. Alexandra’s narrative paints a portrait of an individual who may or may not be who society says they are. Instrumentally the song reinforces that idea of defiance. Much of the song is based around this belief system, of how society so often gets it wrong. Towards the end of the song the sound descends into a delightful rush of sound, with the guitar’s blistering attack bringing things to an incredible close.

Ornate and infinitely compelling Alexandra’s criminal goes for an overwhelming amazing sound throughout “Criminal”.

Posted by Beach Sloth