Billy Ray Deiz – “Look Out My Window (Freedom’s Song)”


Billy Ray Deiz reigns on the west coast of the United States and has been involved with music majority of his life. He has quite the resume and has worked with some real heavy hitters in the music industry. His latest release, Look Out My Window (Freedom’s Song) is a perfect example as to why his career has had such longevity.


Billy Ray is no stranger to the biz and has teamed up with Stuart Epps to bring us this shining anthem of the sign of these tumultuous times we are witnessing across the globe. He is taking us to church and singing loud and proud. I love his vocals, perfectly fitting for the feel of the song. He has conviction with a laid back vibe.

Backed with some killer bluesy guitar that scream freedom as loud as Billy Ray himself. This has the entire blues package, full production strings, horns, complimenting this piece like a fish in water. Can’t have one without the other and it makes a nice neat package. It is powerful, contagious and addictive.

Billy Ray Deiz shines brighter than the sun with the song, Look Out My Window (Freedom’s Song). Play it from the highest mountain for the world to hear. You do not want to miss out on this musical revolution.

I rate this 5 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –