Micheal Castaldo – “Everything Happens For a Reason (Dance Club Remix)”


Colossal in sound Micheal Castaldo’s “Everything Happens for a Reason” searches for meaning in the most trying times. Masterfully remixed by Tony Moran and Warren Riggs the song’s optimism is match by the driving rhythm, the crisp percussion, and the lumbering bass. The melody leads the way further emphasizing the song’s positive, inspirational message. Short precise synthesizer vamps help to show off the song’s undeniable lust for life and enthusiasm. By far the beating heart and soul of the song is Micheal Castaldo’s strong vocals and cleverly chosen lyrics.

“Everything Happens For a Reason (Dance Club Remix)”

“Everything Happens for a Reason” starts off on a high. Quickly settling into an infectious groove the song begins to increase in intensity. However, the song truly starts once Micheal Castaldo’s voice enters the fray. As he mentions a litany of unfortunate incidents, of uncontrollable whether, of terrible things, he searches for the silver lining. Little details end up have a large impact. Putting the melody through a stream of filters ensures that it continues to support Micheal Castaldo’s spirited message. By the time the chorus comes into the fray the song’s positivity is undeniable. Swirling about with great focus the song emphasizes exactly how life ought to be viewed, in a way that makes space for faith in the overwhelming evidence that even the seemingly random events in the world have a higher purpose.

Triumphant in sound and hopeful in the face of such adversity, Micheal Castaldo’s “Everything Happens for a Reason” is a powerful potent piece of pop.


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