Taking Back Eden – “Beautiful Disaster”


Recalling the tenderness of Vashti Bunyan’s work, Taking Back Eden’s “Beautiful Disaster” is an absolute gem. The arrangement is impeccable with every instrument falling into the right place. Vocals express a fragile sensibility. Lyrically the song has a poetic dreamy quality to it. Production values absolutely shine through with everything from the strings to the crisp percussion pure perfection. A sense of caring and compassion ties the entire piece together.

Song: “Beautiful Disaster” (Title Track off ‘Beautiful Disaster’ EP by Taking Back Eden)

The song starts off on a whispered note with a hushed guitar. Ever so delicately another guitar between to color in the sound. Bass serves as a perfect anchor for the sound as it slowly builds. When they sing together it is akin to a soothing chorus. A honeyed chorus comes into the mix. Once the percussion enters into the mix with a nimble, jazzy approach the piece comes into its own. Infinitely sweet the song searches for happiness. With each additional reiteration the song grows ever more confident. How Taking Back Eden manages to bring all these many pieces together is quite impressive. About halfway through the piece the song’s questions begin to feature more and more prominently. Towards the end they reach their final answer as the song reaches its crescendo of sound, with each instrument coming together to create a true sense of catharsis.

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Downright endearing Taking Back Eden show off their deft skill in merging elements of folk, classical, and indie on the infinite kindness of “Beautiful Disaster”.


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