Rev Peter Unger – “Take The Flame Out”


Peter Unger is a Reverend out of Allentown, PA. He has a vision to create a path for Christians to learn and reintroduce themselves to the teachings of God. He believes we are living in a period of transition, he wants to paint the trail with love and music.


Rev. Unger has a nice appeal with a strong likeness to John Denver. He sings with a soothing voice that is gently authoritative. He has a message of love, camaraderie and living life to glorify your Savior. The song could easily become a nice holiday standard celebrating the bond between spirituality and everyday living.

The guitar is a joyous compliment to the heart warming salutations. The finger picking is a subtle breath of fresh air. It has a picturesque stroll in a meadow, a camera roll of discovery to the almighty presence surrounding every inch of our being.

Peter Unger has a message, and executes it with conviction in his song, Take The Flame Out. He has a purpose and is fulfilling his calling by giving the gift of knowledge and music. Share in his journey and enjoy the gentle embrace of his enlightenment.

I rate 4 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –