Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski. Until now you could find her playing in bands around LA, making a record with some friends from Dr. Dog, and opening for big tent stuff like Fitz and the Tantrums and Fun. She enjoyed the sideman life, but longed for an outlet of her own, writing and recording in secret, developing a body of work about hidden desire itself. Steady Holiday is her coming out party.

Infinite Best Recordings has been releasing records since 2009, including the debut releases by artists like (Mr) Twin Sister, Ava Luna, and Roman a Clef.

“No Matter” and “When I See Color” show two sides of Steady Holiday. The former is a slow-burning fuse, snaking its way “deeper down the path” before realizing “there’s no rush to end when the cycles repeat.” The latter is playful but melancholy, nodding towards Nilsson by way of Father John Misty, asking “do you ever put something on a list just to check it off?” and disintegrating in a swirl of minor key bass and violins played by Dre herself.