Valentine’s Day is a well known holiday that is celebrated once a year. It’s commonly referred to as a day of love. I encourage everyone to take a brief moment each day to tell those in their lives that they love them. “I love you” is a phrase that is not said enough. When the words are distinctly thrown at a lover, child or friend they have an impact that might not be immediately apparent. The words echo in our hearts though and are imprinted forever into memory. They can be recalled at any a future point in time when a shot of confidence is needed.

“Valentine’s Day”:

Love is not always appreciated. Life moves very fast. Everyone works hard and time is tight for most of us. The lead character in this video is always busy with work but tormented by love in the few quiet, storminess moments in between a hectic schedule. He wants to commit to the woman he loves but is very nervous and weary. He has been burned by love and wants to make sure it is real this time. Will their love last? Will she stay? Does she understand him? He travels to London on a business trip and during his time there ultimately makes an impulsive decision. He returns back home early to surprise his lover on Valentines Day. He finds her waiting patiently for him. With a sense of clarity that escaped him previously, he proposes and is ready to take the next step. Of course this all transpires on Valentine’s Day, which is now a day they will both remember for the rest of their lives!