Cedar Fort’s New releases will teach you to be a self-sufficient gardener with beautiful organic vegetables. Cedar Fort Publishing & Media is humbled to announce the February release of two new gardening books!

Have you always wanted a garden but never knew how, where, or when to start? Ever thought you didn’t have enough space for a garden? Are you worried about how to provide for your family? “Gardening like a Ninja” will teach you how to sneakily plant fruits, veggies, and nuts outside your home and “Stress-Free Vegetable Gardening” will help you grow them year-round! Feed your family with beautiful, home-grown food and never doubt yourself again!

“Gardening like a Ninja: A guide to Sneaking Delicious Edibles into your Landscape” by Angela England

Create a landscape that’s both beautiful and edible! This book has everything you need to make your yard and your meals amazing! With a few simple adjustments, you can enhance your walkways, flower beds, front yards, and backyards with easy-to-care-for edible plants that will impress your neighbors and add to your dinner plate.

Become a gardening ninja by choosing the right vegetation for your zone to maximize success; using the seasons to create beauty year-round in your garden; cultivating areas that seem unusable; harvesting fruits, veggies, and nuts from everywhere in your landscape.

Your yard will look better than ever in no time with these sneaky edibles!

Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm and author of the best-selling title “Folks, This Ain’t Normal” says, “Grow food without sacrificing interest and beauty with Angela England’s tried-and-true edible landscaping advice.”

Shawna Coronado, author of “Grow a Living Wall” says, “Gardening like a Ninja is a connecting that passion for beauty with the increasing demand for freshly grown organic vegetables.”

Leah Segedie, founder of says, “With so many people turning to gardening as a source of food and a way to have certainty on how their family is fed, “Gardening like a Ninja” couldn’t have had better timing.”

“Stress-Free Vegetable Gardening: Thriving Gardens with Minimal Effort” by Caleb Warnock

No more excuses! Well-known author Caleb Warnock provides insightful instruction on how to make gardening fun, easy, and stress-free.

You will learn such things as how to silence popular gardening myths, avoid those obnoxious weeds, remove pests safely and without nasty chemicals, grow vegetables year-round, and so much more!

Also included is a cheat sheet on how to grow, care for, and harvest anything from the commonly known cucumbers, carrots, and potatoes, to the lesser-known sunchoke, mustard greens, and Chinese cabbage.

Learn how easy it is to create an abundant crop with almost no effort. With this book in hand, you can enjoy delicious harvests that come back year after year!

Caleb was raised in the kitchens and gardens of the last generation to provide family meals without relying on the grocery store.

These books are available in bookstores and online February 9, 2016.