Kenny Fame – ‘Goodbye’


Kenny Fame’s new release called, Goodbye has a rare passion that comes through with pure sincerity. He is a musician out of Harlem, NY and now resides in London, where he is pounding the pavement and soliciting his music and reaching worldwide recognition.


The song, Goodbye has a longing, that reaches the soul. A powerful tear jerker that oozes with an emotional out pouring. “There’s no good in goodbye”, he cries with a gut wrenching sigh. I really dig the hook, a nice play on words. He clearly has an excellent understanding of form and the elements a song needs to make it work. A song is a 3 minute movie with a beginning, middle, end and a hook that pulls it all together; he has done that quite nicely.

There is a solid production, with pretty piano that soothes and accentuates the lyrical content. A nice prosody to the turmoil he is feeling. His vocals are conversational, as if he is talking directly to you, it really pulls you into the story.

Kenny Fame, displays some nice songwriting with his single, Goodbye. He has a poetic nature with a style his own. He seems to have a prospering songwriting career and is looking to branch out as an artist, performing his own songs. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing what direction his career takes him next. Kudos!

I rate this 3 1/2 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking –