Bad Reed – “Self-titled” EP


I think…hmm…how do I put this? Could I be any MORE excited about this music from Bad Reed? And I’ll answer my own question today…no…no I could not. Not only is Bad Reed a fantastic example of a band & sound that would quite easily make my personal playlist any given day of the week – this is the kind of band that gives me HOPE. Why you ask? Great question…and I’ll answer that too: We’re gonna be neighbours real soon here in 2016 once SBS moves to Ottawa – and Bad Reed certainly marks the most memorable sound I’ve heard from this province of late and their music fills me with hope that innovative, creative and powerfully-artistic music is alive and well in the place I’ll call my new home.

Listen to the genre-bending firecracker “Cassava” via Soundcloud:

Because ‘impressive’ would be almost a cruel term to call Bad Reed…but truthfully my brain’s been stuck uploading and editing all-day…and I’m struggling to recall a word that describes something as MORE THAN impressive…because I fuckin LOVE this music! “Punch It” almost sounds like they’re about to launch into a rendition of “Say Hello 2 Heaven” by Temple Of The Dog from its very first notes, but it becomes something mightily different. Like I mentioned…this is art-rock, through and through…there are defined parts that will remind you of Ladytron or perhaps Metric…and man does it kick ASS. “Punch It” has fantastic vocals, sprawling & spiralling guitars and synth, pounding and HUGE drums…REAL ideas and massively professional execution through their performances. Seriously…Bad Reed is setting fire to these speakers here at the studio in this opening blaze to their self-titled EP with the top-level skills, production and captivating sound you’d need to challenge the mainstream. “Punch It” sounds gigantic from every angle you put your ear to the speakers at…and I should know – I’ve had my face pressed firmly against them ever since I began to play Bad Reed!

Listen to the full EP and share at Soundcloud or Bandcamp:

The Bad Reed EP quickly continues to stun and amaze. “Slackjaw Romance” – I mean…as if this song doesn’t have every reason to listen to it! Singing sweetly, the lead vocals come out beautifully and melodic in her angelic-tones that brim with confidence and pure-strength that keeps them perfectly in line. Taking twirls into stylistic vocal-rolls & flows as this gentle rhythm continues to expand with that indie-love-song magic…you know…the kind where good things are still happening in amongst the weirdness of life…that kinda thing. “Slackjaw Romance” is pure audio-brilliance – truly the kind of song I know I’ll pack with me on my playlists forever; the vocals in this song I could talk about for days and days and days…so powerful, so confident and such perfect emotion & tone for the energy and mood. What an incredible journey this song becomes!

Bad Reed…yep…guys…friends…buddies…pals…make sure to look your new neighbour up when we come to Ontario in 2016 will ya? Loving life over here…they were made to make this music and just so happens – I was born to listen to it!

Even though I would think a song like “Cassava” would be more challenging to the ears of those not looking for something quite as ambitious or adventurous…for the rest of us, this multi-layered music-machine of a song will STUFF YOUR FACE full of musicality & mayhem! There are a whole bunch of ideas and real-depth on display in this final tune on their new record…incredible guitar-tones and bass-rumble…vocals as fantastic as ever. Of course with the wild-nature & complex rhythms & musicianship taking this song everywhere from a jazzy-feel to a straight-up melodic-rock vibe, there are bound to be parts you might like more than others – but to deny this band their due when their putting this much of themselves into their music would just be lying to yourself. Listen to the way they breakdown “Cassava” and the wicked & deadly guitar-solo that brings it back…how it’s joined by the storming drums and atmospheric synth-sounds…The Bad Reed is KILLIN’ it!

It almost seems like it’s a part-one of a two-part song in the way that it cuts itself off at the end…but “Cassava” managed to keep the quality consistent on the new EP from Bad Reed. Musically…they’ve got me absolutely stoked to be heading their way…I figure Brantford’s gotta be within reach from the new HQ…and once we’re all set-up and rollin in 2016…better believe I’ll be finding a way to keep an ear out for what this band is up to – excellent stuff here from Bad Reed.

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