Secret Friend press1-2_phixr

Secret Friend is a project that has literally traveled the globe in order to find its voice. The brainchild of Secret Friend is Steven Fox, who was a working musician in Seattle and London in the 80’s, only to put his career on hold and move to South East Asia where he became a wildly successful entrepreneur. The music never left his soul, however, and in 2012 he returned to music full time and created Secret Friend.

The project features Fox as the principle creative party, where he blends a wide variety of influences into a single voice. Whether it be acoustic guitars, digital programming, pop melodies, psychedelic production, or a straight forward rock vibe, the end result is always simultaneously intriguing and engaging.

“Do You?” is a vibrant, multi-layered treat that lulls the viewer into a deep trance through a combination of unorthodox visuals and soothing music. Taking a visual cue from indie rock stalwarts like of Montreal, “Do You?” presents a kaleidoscope of colors. Though it all blends into one seamless hallucinogenic presentation there is in fact multiple mediums at work here. At one point it may be a watercolor background, then moments later a hand drawn character comes on screen, only to be faded into a subtle digital animation. It’s reflective of the diverse influences and cross-genre influences that is the basis of Secret Friend.